Taiko Drumming Lecture-Demo & Hands-On Workshop for Beginners

Saturday October 13
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
1:30 pm registration
Lawai International Center

A Taiko Drumming Lecture-Demonstration and Hands-On Workshop for Beginners of All Ages will be presented by members of Taiko Kaua'i amongst the 88 Shrines of Lawai International Center. Come experience this opportunity to touch the heart of a rhythmic tradition.

Taiko Kaua`i school of traditional Japanese drumming was established 15 years ago. The members graciously offer this sixth annual and largest hands-on drumming experience on Kaua'i. We warmly welcome you for an afternoon filled with pulsating sounds that will echo through the valley!

Suggested minimum donation $10.00. Students and children free. All proceeds benefit the nonprofit Lawai International Center.

To register email dorahong888@gmail.com or text or call (808) 651-8893.

Donations are gratefully accepted. For more information contact
LM@hawaii.rr.com, call 639-5952 or visit www.lawaicenter.org.

Map to Lawai International Center